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About Us: Get to know Jo Lowery, founder of Cool Coastal Huts - beach huts for hire Essex

Updated: Jan 27

Jo Lowery - Cool Coastal Huts _ Beach Hut Hire Essex
Jo Lowery - Cool Coastal Huts _ Beach Hut Hire Essex

Hi, I'm Jo from Cool Coastal Huts,

Founder of Cool Coastal Huts - Beach Huts for Hire Essex

You might have spoken to me, seen me at the beach huts or on our Insta. So I thought I would say hi and tell you about us!

Our trend setting, luxury, beach huts are all style driven as this is my passion. I believe having a stylish beach hut base, makes your day extra special. We have lead the change in beach hut style and beach hut hire to a more contemporary look.

How it started: Our first beach hut 'Frinton 343' has been a major part of my family's life for over 17 years, my two daughters Ruby and Poppy have grown up there. I was often asked if the beach hut could be rented and I had let it out to TV companies and magazines, then as my girls grew up I decided to go for it and share it with other beach hut lovers.

The demand for a modern style of beach hut and quality beach hut hire blew me away, clearly I wasn't the only person who was crazy about these beach huts and so I set up Cool Coastal Huts. We have since grown to meet the demand and now have four beach huts for you; Frinton Beach Hut 343, Mersea Beach Hut 206, Mersea Beach Hut 213 and 'Mersea Beach Hut 245. 


Also new to our team is, Disco, our beach hut dog. His job is beach! So of course, all our beach huts are dog friendly beach huts.

My aim with Cool Coastal Huts was and still is simple; to provide what we love, a cool and contemporary beach hut with everything you need for a great beach hut day! A sort of beach front home from home.

P.S, if you want to contact me, please do, I am always happy to chat all things beach huts.

DM me @coolcoastalhuts or send me an email

You can also subscribe to our mailing list on our homeage. You will receive exclusive discounts and priority notice of beach hut release dates and cancellations.

Best wishes

Jo x


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