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How To Beach Hut Like A Pro - Our Top Tips

Updated: Jan 21

With over 2 decades of experience of beach hut days we have picked up a lot of tips that will help you get the best out of your beach hut trip. Our little tips might not be ground breaking but once you start putting them into action, you’ll wonder how you ever dealt with going to the beach before. .

Mersea Beach Hut 213, West Mersea Beach, Essex, luxury beach hut hire essex, dog friendly beach huts
Mersea Beach Hut 213, West Mersea Beach, Essex

Rent a Beach Hut

Obviously, that was going to be our first tip! Why rent a beach hut? With your own little base by the sea it means you can cancel the need for a removal van, get on with enjoying your day and you can stay longer too!. All of our beach huts have a fully equipped kitchen with a gas stove, inside L-shaped cushion loaded seating inside the beach hut and four Cool Coastal deckchairs for outside. They all have beach toys and cards and boardgames in the beach hut if you need some time out of the sun.. How much does it cost to hire a beach hut? Our beach huts start from £80 a day for beach hut hire and we often run discounts too. So its worth following our Instagram @coolcoastalhuts and signing up to our email list (see our homepage)

Britains Best Beaches

Essex has the secound longest coastline after Cornwall. It has some of Britains best beaches, often without the crowds of more well known places. Frinton beach has miles of golden sandy beach lined with over a thousand beach huts. Mersea Island has West Mersea Beach which is more Swallows and Amazons. How exciting is it to go to your own Island for the day. It is also world famous for its sailing and seafood.


beaches are tidal so it is a good idea to check the tide times for your planned day. Do you like the tide to be out all day to maximise sandcastle building time or do you like to sit and watch the sea come in over a cup of tea? Perfectly time your trip to the fish and chips shop, other beach goers will marvel at your exquisite timing.

Shhh don't tell everyone - extra tip - Pack talcum powder. Shake talcum powder on sandy feet and it removes the moisture and thereby the sand instantly! It saves you taking half the beach home in your shoes and car.

Sun protection and Beach Clothing

Pack lots of sun cream. It sounds obvious but it’s always better to have too much than not enough. Sun-protection swimming clothing is great too as it means children are well protected and less time is spent tirelessly re-applying sun cream.

Shhh don't tell everyone - extra tip - Keep your sun-cream in your cool bag. It is lovely and cooling when re-applied.

Make sure you have plenty of layers, you can layer up if it gets a bit chilly or if you want to stay that extra hour, or discard as necessary on that perfect balmy summer day. Don't forget a sun hat, essential for children and perfect for grown-ups for reading that book or magazine you haven't had a chance to pick up all year!

Always take a separate bag for wet clothes and towels. That beautifully packed, work or art, Instagram worthy beach bag you left the house with this morning is 100% guaranteed to look like it has been re-packed by the Incredible Hulk by the end of the day and you don't want to double up on washing because everything is lumped together in one big soggy mess.

Shhh don't tell everyone - extra tip - Pack wetsuits, you can stay in the water much longer as well as looking like total beach pros!


A close by loo can be a total game changer to a beach day. It is always good to know that there is one close to your beach hut. It is amazing how many times a child can need the loo during a beach trip and why is it that it's never at the same time as any other child? Our beach huts are about a minutes walk to the nearest loo. Location, location, location as they say...

Ice-creams and Fish and Chips

It is British beach law that ice-creams, lollies and or fish and chips are consumed on a trip to the coast. So it also good to know that you are close to the shops or a cafe. Our beach huts are very close to shops and cafes (about a minutes walk). Make sure you bring change just in case the shops don't take cards.

Now you are armed with our top insider tips on how to beach hut like a pro, go forth and live your best beach hut life!!!


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