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Exploring Coastal Hut Day Trips

Come with us on an off the beaten track day out I think you'll love(and yes it involves beach huts, just can't tear myself away!)

🌴Here's a cool day out idea for you...

🌴And yes it involves beach huts! Obvs... but these are river ones...

🌴We took a trip just across the border to Suffolk, to go and look at the huts at Waldringfield. These are a gorgeous little collection of huts that overlook the river Deben. They are next to Waldringfield sailing club and @themaybush. I'm going to see if you can stay in them so I'll keep you posted.

🌴It makes for a cool walk and builds up just enough of appetite for fish and chips at the pub afterwards!

🌴Save or send to a friend who loves beach huts, pubs + a summer walk...(are they even a friend if they don't?)

Jo x 🌴

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